4 apr 2012

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DSC 3896 1w

7 commenti:

Yvonne ha detto...

That's another excellent photo, Blu!

VenetiaMicio ha detto...

It's a marvellous picture !
I've never seen it like that only during one night !
I'll love to see that !
Grazie mille to see this bzautful moment

NB. ha detto...

Bonjour Oscar,
Superbe photo ! Dans une semaine j'y serai et je projette aussi de découvrir Trévise. Merci pour votre blogue.

pc ha detto...

I smile to read the familiar names & initials here - you can see those of us who must log on each morning to get our piece of your Venezia, dear Blu. I must say I, w/ the others, just love Venezia come si vede! E vero, si, Yvonne, NB & VenetiaMicio?

Oscar ha detto...

Yvonne: you called me "blu". I love it! Ciao Yvonne, thanks.

VenetiaMiacio: too kind. Baci Danielle

N.B. Amusez-vous!. Spero che ci sia il sole! Ciao

pc: even you called me "blu". So nice! Ciao Pam

Lili ha detto...

Magnifique photo comme d'habitude!

Oscar ha detto...

Lili: merci.

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