6 gen 2011

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Fondamenta del Monastero

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WALTER FANO ha detto...

Io abito proprio lì, un più avanti sulla sinistra ;-)

Oscar ha detto...

Walter: bello risentirti. Tutto bene? Se abiti da quelle parti allora spero di incontrarti cosi' ti offro un caffè. Ciao. Stammi bene.

Yvonne ha detto...

How nice, you take a picture of Walter's 'home.'

I have 2 treats when you have a new post. First, I find out where your photo's have been taken. Then, I allow myself to look at 2 archives, each day.

Today, one of the archives took me to read about il "Pantoco". I grew up in Canada (qualche anno fa, as you said), and in the spring, the girls, and ONLY the girls played a game very much like that.

The boys? They teased the girls, and played marbles.

Oscar ha detto...

Yvonne: I didi'nt take e picture of Walter's home. I took a picture of Fondamenta del Monastero. I didn't know Walter live there. Nice to discover it! I read your story about the "Pantoco". Strange enough the world it's smaller than what we think and some plays are identical all over the world. What do you mean with "and played marbles" ?

Yvonne ha detto...

Marbles are round glass balls. You can get such beautiful ones, in different sizes. (Like Murano glass!)

There are some illustrated here


There were many different games. Usually a circle was drawn, and each player took turns trying to hit his opponent's marbles out of the circle, until one player was left with marbles in the circle.

This is probably played in Italy, but with a different name and rules!

Oscar ha detto...

Yvonne: thanks. I use to play with glass balls when I was a child. We call them "bilie di vetro". Nowadays it is quite difficult to see them through a child toys. Ciao

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